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  • Work-based learning

    New Work-Based Learning Resources from JFF

    Americans seeking employment often face a conundrum: relevant work experience is a prerequisite for many jobs, but it is difficult to gain the required experience without being in the workplace. Work-based learning—activities that occur in workplaces through which youth and adults gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for entry or advancement in a particular career field—offers a solution to this problem. See JFF's new suite of resources on work-based learning, including a report and overview of our 7 principles for effective work-based learning, a series of case studies on work-based learning in action, and an online toolkit with videos about one new model of work-based learning, work-based courses.
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  • Scaling

    Scaling Innovation in Community Colleges: A Guide to Action

    As community colleges across the country look for ways to promote student success, the need for scaling effective approaches is critical. This guide builds on a framework of four phases of scaling: planning, initiating, expanding, and sustaining. With the aim of translating the framework to promote action on the ground, the guide outlines key concepts, questions, and action steps related to each of the four phases. The guide draws on lessons from multiple JFF initiatives designed to promote student success in postsecondary education, and offers examples of key concepts in action.
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