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  • Policy Meets Pathways

    State and national leaders need to “put efforts to bolster completion on a new trajectory” by analyzing the extent to which policies support the colleges that are trying to do right by their students, and then redesigning policy environments to help institutions introduce comprehensive and integrated reform strategies that change every aspect of what they do. This report identifies specific strategies for states to follow.

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  • GreenWays

    Untapped Resources, Untapped Labor Pool

    Women are underrepresented in highway, street, and bridge construction. Creating sustainable pathways into construction careers fills critical hiring needs for industry while improving economic security for women. Federal highway funding offers states a stable resource that can support activities that improve women’s entry into and success in the construction trades. This briefing highlights examples of how states are using this funding to improve diversity in the highway construction workforce.  

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  • Technology in Deeper Learning

    The Role of Digital Technologies in Deeper Learning

    As schools shift away from traditional education models in favor or providing deeper learning environments, they are required to replace their outdated technology practices and implement a new infrastructure to support student learning. This report explores how partnering deeper learning strategies with effective technology designs allows for greater educational success.

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  • High School Graduate, College Study Group, Policymaker, Construction Worker

    Who Is Jobs for the Future?

    The mission of JFF is to ensure that all lower-income young people and workers have the skills and credentials needed to succeed in our economy. Our vision is for the promise of education and economic mobility in America to be achieved for everyone. For 30 years, we have helped employers find skilled workers, and workers move into higher-wage jobs through education and training programs. We are a Boston-based nonprofit working in over 100 communities nationwide.

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  • DesignForScale


    In spite of a decade of interventions and student support initiatives, the nation’s most disadvantaged adults and young people are not gaining traction towards degrees. To help accelerate progress, JFF will work with states and campuses to implement integrated, visionary interventions through a new initiative called DesignForScale. The DesignForScale resources and services are designed to help state actors create the policy conditions within which community colleges can implement evidence-based, institution-wide innovations. 
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  • PSJA

    Sharing Responsibility for College Success: A Model Partnership Moves Students to Diplomas and Degrees

    By redefining the roles and responsibilities of secondary and postsecondary partners, educators in one of the nation’s most impoverished areas have substantially increased college completion and career readiness for the region’s young people. The strategies developed in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District in South Texas offer exciting lessons for states and other communities about how—and why—to rethink the age-old systems that support the transition from high school to college completion.
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